How To Get Crystal Keys In Pet Simulator 99

Looking for some Crystal Keys in Pet Simulator 99? Here’s everything you need.

Although PS99 is a successor to PSX, both games have a stand of their own in the community. With a plethora of new options to explore in the game, it could be overwhelming when it comes to finding simpler objects. One piece that is eluding the players are the Crystal Keys in Pet Simulator 99 and while they are not exactly hard to farm, the game is not really clear on how to do it.

The key will be split in two parts and players can only collect it separately. Through various modes in the game, players can collect the Upper Half and Lower Half of the Crystal Key and then merge them to get a full key in PS99.

How to Farm Pet Simulator 99 Crystal Keys

How To Get Crystal Keys In Pet Simulator 99
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There are a few ways through which players can farm Pet Simulator 99 Crystal Keys. However, for each of them to work, players will have to rebirth at least once which unlocks at Rank 3. Once you have taken a rebirth in PS99, here’s what you should do to get Crystal Keys:

  • Firstly, players can get the Crystal Key as part of the Adventurer Rank 4 rewards. You get the Lower Half of the Crystal Key once you reach Reward 10 and you get the Upper Half as reward once you reach Reward 15. While it does require a grind, this method neither relies on buying the item or waiting for it to drop at random.
  • Apart from Adventurer Rank, players can level up and then purchase both halves of the Crystal Key from different merchants in PS99. While you won’t get both halves from one merchant, you will at least get to spend your diamonds without having to grind hard in the game.
  • There is a Free Items section in Pet Simulator 99 where players can claim free gifts every few hours. Although it will be random, players can get the Crystal Key parts from this as well.

How to Use Pet Simulator 99 Crystal Keys

  • Once you have the Lower Half and Upper Half of the Crystal Key, select on part and then you will get the option to create a Crystal Key. Hit Yes and if you are done with the rebirth, you will soon be able to use it.
  • While in Area 3, head inside the Castle and unlock it with the Castle Key that you would have gotten much earlier in PS99.
  • Now, look for the Crystal Chest next to a spinning wheel and use the Crystal Key here to open it.
  • You can enjoy all the rewards now inside the chest.

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