Mad Maggie In Apex Legends – Who Is She?

Who is Mad Maggie in Apex Legends? Her voice has caught player's attention and in this article we explain her role in the Apex universe.

If you are curious to know who is Mad Maggie in Apex Legends then this quick guide will clear your doubts. During the Chaos Theory event, you will notice that she is an announcer with a voice, tone and accent that stands out. And true to her name, she sounds angry. So, who is she and what’s her back story/lore? Find out here.

Who is Mad Maggie in Apex Legends?

Mad Maggie In Apex Legends Who Is She

Mad Maggie’s real name is Margaret Kōhere and she is from Salvo. What makes her special is that she is the leader of Cracked Talons. She also knows Fuse since a long time because she is a childhood friend of his. In fact, she’s the reason why he has a bionic arm because of an argument. What happened was that Mad Maggie didn’t agree with his decision to join the Apex Games and became his frenemy for a bit. This is when she threw a grenade at him in a fit of rage and it blew off his arm. For some context, they used to pass a grenade to each other just for fun but ever since she thought of him as a traitor, she pulled the pin on one. Yup, their friendship is pretty complicated, especially due to Salvo joining the Syndicate.

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Another thing that gives Mad Maggie her “madness” is that she starts shooting at all the innocent people by hacking the ship and destroys the mountain entirely. She totally sabotages Fuse’s big introduction.

Her involvement in the story remains with Fuse but will she become a Legend in the future? We cannot rule it out. For now, she is an announcer in the Ring Fury Takeover Playlist. Here’s a guide that explains what is the ring fury mode in Apex Legends.

That’s who is Mad Maggie in Apex Legends in Season 8: Mayhem. If you need more help with this new season, don’t for get to check out our guides on How To Use A Heat Shield, All The Chaos Theory Event Skins, Weapons Tier List and Fuse Character Abilities.