Apex Legends Season 8: Weapons Tier List

This is the complete guide for Apex Legends Season 8 Weapon Tier List

Apex Legends has come up with another new Season. With this Season also comes new weapons, new items as well as a new Legend in the game. The game now features an even larger weapons cache than before with new weapons being added. To make it easier for you in the game we have ranked and made a complete list of the new Weapons. Scroll below to find the Complete Weapons Tier List ranked in Apex Legends Season 8.

What is the Complete Weapons Tier List for Apex Legends

The complete Weapons Tier List for Apex Legends
Apex Legends Season 8 Weapons ranked

For the reason of this list, we have ranked the new Weapons in Apex Legends Season 8 from Absolute Godly to You’re Better Off with Melee Weapons and all the others in between.

Absolute Godly: S-Tier Weapons

Kraber .50 CAL – Sniper Rifle
Peacekeeper – Shotgun
Devotion – Energy LMG
R-99 – Light SMG

These weapons are a must pickup item whenever you come across them. They have good damage stats and work well even without additional attachments. One thing new players should note however is the fact that the Kraber and Peacekeeper are only available as Air-Drop items.

Almost There: A-Tier Weapons

30-30 Repeater – Heavy Assault Rifle
Prowler Burst PDW – SMG
Volt – SMG
Wingman – Heavy Pistol
Mastiff – Shotgun

These guns function well with some minor attachments which make them comparable to the S-Tier items. They are pretty handy and make sure you go for them in the game.

Sorta Underrated: B-Tier Weapons

Longbow DMR – Sniper Rifle
Triple Take – Sniper Rifle
M600 Spitfire – Heavy Machine Gun
Hemlok – Heavy Assault Rifle
VK-47 Flatline – Heavy Assault Rifle
G7 Scout – Light Assault Rifle

As the title says these guns are overlooked in some cases. With certain upgrades, they become pretty capable weapons on their own with almost comparable stats to the A-Tier Weapons.

No Other Options: C-Tier Weapons

R-301 Carbine – Light Assault Rifle
HAVOC – Energy Rifle
L-Star – Energy LMG
Alternator – Light SMG
Eva-8 Auto – Shotgun
RE-45 – Light Pistol

As you can see this list has weapons that are basically small-arms. These light artillery weapons deal very little damage and you must be pretty good at taking cover if you choose to keep using them.

Absolute Trash: D-Tier Weapons

Charge Rifle – Sniper Rifle
P2020 – Light Pistol

These weapons give out very poor damage and if the game would allow it you would be better off throwing them at your enemies to damage them.

You’re Better Off with Melee Weapons: F-Tier Weapons

Mozambique – Shotgun

Like seriously don’t even think of wasting your inventory space over this. You’re better off just dodging enemy fire rather than use these as a counter-attack. Fail Tier.

This was the Complete Weapons Tier List for Apex Legends Season 8. Do not miss out on learning How to Fuse Abilities or Where to Find Gold Magazines.