Apex Legends: Fuse Character Abilities Explained

Fuse ability list in Apex Legends will give you an overview of the character. Make sure to check him out here

Fuse’s Abilities in Apex Legends Season 8 is going to make him one of the most sought after character in the game. Fuse is one of the most well-designed and his abilities will make you an all-around explosive player in the game. If you want to know all the details about his abilities in Apex Legends, read the rest of this guide.

Fuse Character All Abilities List

Like every other character in Apex Legend, Fuse gets three different abilities that are divided into three different categories: Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate, knowing when to use them and how will give you added benefits and you will be able to take down entire squads instantly. Fuse can be paired with a lot of existing legends to enhance his abilities and will certainly be one of the most used characters.

Fuse Passive Ability: Grenadier

Fuse’s passive ability is called Grenadier and like its title, it enables him to launch projectiles like Grenades and other such things further, faster, and with more precision than anyone else. It also allows Fuse to carry an extra Grenade as compared to other characters in the game.

This passive ability will surely come in handy against players who like to camp in sniper’s nest or those who wield shotguns primarily as they can be taken out with precision from a faraway distance.

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Fuse Tactical Ability: Knuckle Cluster

Knuckle Cluster by Fuse helps him rain a cluster of small inflammable objects that cause area damage. If you’re caught in this attack you will feel its effects until you’re in the target area. This can cause high damage and will most likely reduce the speed of characters as well.

Knuckle Cluster once again will be a perfect weapon to use against campers and those who find a fixed spot and take down their opponents. On top of this, players will find it difficult to simply get out of this attack.

Fuse Ultimate Ability: The Motherlode

For his Ultimate ability, Fuse rains down explosives that form into a circle trapping players inside, getting out of this fiery circle means getting damaged by the fire that surrounds you. Like Bangalore and Gibraltar, the ultimate will come from the sky and will attack a larger area than the tactical ability.

Fuse is a character that will be used to trap and blow opponents sky high with his moves. It is going to be exciting to see how each pro Apex Legends player is going to use Fuse and what strategies they come up with.

Fuse will be releasing along with Season 8 of Apex Legends, starting on Feb 2nd, 2021. This is all there is to know about all Fuse abilities in Apex Legends, while you’re here make sure to not miss out on what The 30 30 Repeater Rifle is only on Gamer Tweak.