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What Is The Ring Fury Mode In Apex Legends

Learn more about the Ring Fury mode in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is rolling out some new updates. On the 9th of March, they are coming out with a special Chaos Theory Event in the game. With this update comes limited period skins and items. However, the game also has a new mode in the pipeline called the Ring Fury Mode. With this, the gameplay takes a different route and is one of the hotly anticipated game modes. This is the complete guide to explain the Ring Fury mode in Apex Legends.

How to play Ring Fury mode in Apex Legends


Ring Fury Mode in Apex Legends.
Learn how to stay safe in this new mode.

The Ring Fury mode is a unique enigma on its own. The game takes the Ring zone even further to the next level as it brings in new mini rings. Now you can even receive damage similar to what you did when you were out of the ring zone within it also. Here’s how it works.

The game introduces new rings in the safe zone itself. These can be seen marked by red rings on the map itself also. These rings spawn randomly and can appear anywhere, sometimes even outside the actual ring. What makes this mode even more challenging is the fact that once these mini rings spawn, they start expanding their radius even further.


These rings deal damage similar to the amount of damage the larger ring gives out. So as the game progresses the damage rate goes on increasing even further. It might become hard to avoid these as they themselves keep growing while the main zone decreases in size. It is a good idea to stock up on healing resources in case you get stuck. The rest of the gameplay remains fairly similar except for the obvious rings which make the game a bit more difficult.

This is everything you need to know about the Ring Fury Mode in Apex Legends. While you are here do not miss out on the new Character Skins as well as the Weapons Tier List for Season 8.