How To Get Life Fruit And Gold Heart In Terraria

Turn your hearts to gold and increase your health with this Terraria Life Fruit guide.

Many players are planning to get Terraria’s Life Fruit to make hearts golden and obtain permanent health increases. The fruit is one of its kind, as it lets you reach the maximum health stats without any gear and unlocks the achievement Get a Life & Topped Off. Life Fruit, Gold Heart or Yellow Heart are interlinked systems of the game, when players consume Life Fruit at health 400, they get Gold Heart. And a total of 20 of these fruits are required to attain the maximum health capacity of 500.

How to Make Heart Gold With Life Fruit in Terraria

Terraria Life Fruit

Life Fruits are Hardmode items that start growing after you have defeated one of the three mechanical bosses: The Destroyer, The Twins, and Skeletron Prime. These bosses are similar to pre-Hardmode bosses Eater of Woods, Eye of Cthulhu, and Skeleton, but tougher and more mechanical. You have to destroy Crimson Altar till they randomly spawn. Once you have faced them, they will easily spawn and you will get plenty of time to beat them. After hunting any one of them the Terraria Life fruits will start growing on Jungle grass.

How to Track and Find Fruit

There are several ways to find Life Fruits in Terraria. Such as Spelunker Potion, Fairies, and Metal Detector. Spelunker Solution is crafted using four ingredients: Bottled Water, Blinkroot, Moonglow, and Gold Ore. When used this solution makes valuable objects and items nearby glow and you easily find the Life fruit from the glow. But this lasts for just 5 minutes, so you have to be quick on your feet.

Not every time, but fairies often lead to this fruit. And apart from the Terraria life fruits, fairies lead players to Life Crystals, Chests, and deposits. So it is always recommended to follow them. Now the last way of tracking the fruit is by using Metal Detector. This detector can be found as a Nymph drop. You can use them for tracking valuable items like Life Crystals and Ores too.

Now that you have learned how to get and find Life Fruit to make your heart golden in Terraria, you might be thinking of obtaining other valuable items. If you are, then scroll through our site to read other Terraria guides. And if you are confused with the topic to start, read how to get Tally Counter and how to get Pylons.