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How To Get Pylons In Terraria

Here's a list of all the Pylons and how you can unlock them in Terraria easily.

Terraria is one of the most popular games around the globe. After its 1.4 updates, the game has got a lot more interesting and big. And in order to travel in this big dangerous world Pylons will cut short the travel time easily. As we all know these hovering crystals allow the player to teleport to another world easily. However if you haven’t been able to obtain one of these then we’ve got your back. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of unlocking and using the Pylons in Terraria easily.

How To Unlock Pylons in Terraria

How To Unlock & Get Pylons Terraria
Picture Credits: Moxus Gaming

To unlock and get Pylons in Terraria player will need to go ahead and purchase them from Vendor NPCs for some amount of Gold. Other than the Gold one more factor that helps you get these crystals is the Happiness system. This system was introduced in the 1.4 updates, where you have to make the Vendor NPC happy. And only then the Pylon will be available for sale in the Vendor NPCs inventory.

To make the Vendor happy you’ll need to house it with a compatible NPC. Not only that, but players will also need to invite them into their favorable Biome to obtain the Pylon. For those who are unaware, there are 9 different types of pylons available in the game. And we’ve mentioned all of them and their Vendor with their favorite NPC and biome in the article below. Also note, that placing more than 1 or 2 NPC near the vendor can also affect the chances of getting Pylons negatively.

Pylons Gold’s Required Vendor Vendor’s companion Favorable Biome
Jungle Pylon 10 Gold Dryad Zoologist or Painter or Witch Doctor Jungle Biome
Hallow Pylon 10 Gold Wizard Nurse or Party Girl or Dryad In the Hallow
Desert Pylon 10 Gold Dye Trader Painter or Arms Dealer Desert Biome
Snow Pylon 10 Gold Mechanic Cyborg or Goblin Tinkerer Snow Biome
Ocean Pylon 10 Gold Pirate Tavernkeep or Angler Ocean Biome
Mushroom Pylon 10 Gold Truffle Dryad or Guide or Truffle Glowing Mushroom Biome
Cavern Pylon 10 Gold Tavernkeep Clothier or Demolitionist Underground
Forest Pylon 10 Gold Zoologist  Golfer or Witch Doctor Forest Biome
  • Universal Pylon can be purchased for 1 Platinum Coin from the Zoologist after the completion of the Bestiary

These were all the Pylons vendor and their compatible NPC along with the favorite biome in Terraria. This is how you can unlock Pylons in the game. If you’re unaware of the process of how you can use them, then scroll down for steps.

How to Use Pylons?

Here’s everything you need to know about how to use Pylons in Terraria easily.

  • Players can use a Pylon simply by interacting with it. As soon as they interact with the crystal a full-screen map will pop up with the place they can teleport to.
  • Players can only use this ability when the corresponding world has more than 2 living housed NPCs. Also, take note that players can only place one crystal in a world /biome.
  • For those who are thinking of using it as an escape plan during boss fights or invasions can be disappointed. That’s because players will not be able to do that during these situations and will eventually require to face the heat.

That sums up everything about how to get & use Pylons in Terraria easily. While you’re here take a look at how you can summon & defeat Destroyer in the game.