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Terraria: How To Get Tally Counter

Get Terraria's Tally Counter and create R.E.K. 3000 or wear it as an accessory to get the kill count.

Tally Counter the kill counter of Terraria is a material all players need for crafting and as an accessory. We use this informational accessory to craft R.E.K. 3000. And R.E.K. 3000 is a multiple-use item needed by the players to advance smoothly in the game. Now there are a few types of enemies that drop them, all of which have been listed here. So read along and learn how to get the item and where you can find it in the game.

How to Get Tally Counter in Terraria

Where Is Tally Counter In Terraria

Angry Bones, Cursed Skull, and Dark Caster are three enemies which drop Tally Counter in Terraria. You will find these enemies in dungeons, but the chance of obtaining the item through them is just 1%. And this applies to all difficulty levels: Classic, Expert, and Master. Now since the material is obtained through RNG this percentage might not apply to all. Some players have got the item in the first few tries, and others have killed more than 200 of these monsters and haven’t got it yet.

Now coming back to the dungeons where these enemies spawn; you mostly find them on the extreme right or left of the world. And the deeper you go in the dungeon the more unique and powerful enemies you will find including those who give Tally Counter in Terraria. In some versions, you will find dungeons that are blocked by brick, you need to be careful here. Such dungeons can be more dangerous than ordinally ones and might have some other dangers apart from monsters.

To conclude, you need to explore dungeons and kill Angry Bones, Cursed Skull, and Dark Caster to get Tally Counter in Terraria. And Tally Counter is not the only beneficial item of the game, you will find plenty of accessories and items from our Terraria guides. You can start with Aglet and Jungle Armor.