Learn How To Swim In Bitlife

Follow this guide to know how to swim in Bitlife

It is very easy to know How to Learn to Swim in Bitlife. The game allows you as a user to take part in various activities in the game. One such activity is swimming. Swimming is a good skill to have in the game as well as in real life. In this guide, we tell you everything that you will need to know how not drown.

How to Learn to Swim in Bitlife

How to swim in Bitlife
Don’t drown after crashing your yacht! Learn to swim.

You will be able to swim in Bitlife by doing the following things.

  1. The first thing to follow is that your character needs to have reached a minimum age of 13 in the game.
  2. Once your teenage years have begun you can tap on the activities tab that is under your middle school name.
  3. In this list, you will come across the option to join the swim team.
  4. Tap on the try-out button and you will be selected if you’re sufficiently healthy.
  5. If you are successful a pop-up will tell you that you have been selected by the swim team.
  6. This will automatically allow you to learn how to swim.
  7. Now if you have performed this activity to complete a certain challenge make sure you go to the menu and receive credit for it.

You will need to learn how to Swim in Bitlife to complete a few challenges in the game. It is also a good skill to have in your repertoire. The upcoming Titanic challenge is also one that requires swimming as a skill.

Bitlife allows players to live out their dreams and wild fantasies. The game allows players to fulfill even the most absurd of things. No like seriously, you can actually become a Karen in the game. Players can even choose to become Athletes and go on to become one of the highest-earning individuals in the game. Swimming is also an important sport that is easy to learn. Plus it is pretty handy that you know how to swim so as to not die after your boat capsizes.

This is everything that you need to know How to Learn to Swim in Bitlife. While you are here you can even check out How to have Twins or How to Improve Looks.