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How To Get An Athletic Scholarship In BitLife

Get a scholarship to kick-start your graduation in BitLife.

The life simulator game BitLife has recently got a patch update. The update now allows athletes to jump-start their studies by getting an athletic scholarship into any college, which was not a part of the previous versions. Earlier, players were only allowed to get into sports but weren’t allowed to get a scholarship for the same. Here’s how you can easily get an athletic scholarship in BitLife.

BitLife: How to Get an Athletic Scholarship


It is pretty obvious that you will have to join a sports team during your high education to land up an athletic scholarship in BitLife. Ensure high athletic stats, which you can get only by practicing hard every day as only practice makes a man perfect.

You don’t want to stick with the team for too long, because this will reduce your chances of getting the scholarship. If your stats are too good, you will get an offer to become a professional athlete in BitLife. However, if you go pro, you will miss out on the scholarship. Hence, join the sports team for three years.

If your hard work for the three high school years will prove fruitful, you will get an athletic scholarship in BitLife. According to my experience, sticking with the team and practicing each day should do the work for you.


High athletic stats is of utmost importance. Hence, you need to start physical activities as soon as you turn age. For instance, you can start walking and doing a martial art course. You can also hit the gyms once the option is available. This will help you enter the school team so that you can then become eligible for getting an athletic scholarship.

That’s all we have got to discuss how to get an athletic scholarship in BitLife. Similar to getting an athletic scholarship or becoming a professional athlete, you can also get into a law school to become a lawyer in BitLife. You can also opt to run for a president, and if that’s not intriguing enough, you can also become royalty in BitLife.