How To Get Twins In Bitlife

Here's how to increase your chances of having twins in Bitlife.

Your life story in Bitlife can take any turn and having twins in this game is something you may want to try out. If you are curious to know how to have twins in Bitlife then this guide will tell you how to make it happen. With this method, you have a higher chance of getting triplets as well.

How to Have Twins in Bitlife?

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Once you decide to have a child with your partner, you can have twins in Bitlife by trying Artificial Insemination or IVF. You have to be a female character to do Artificial Insemination. For IVF, you can ask your partner if they agree for it. In case they give a positive response and it ends up being successful then the female character will become pregnant. This is what gives you a higher chance of having twins in Bitlife. If it ends up being unsuccessful, you can try IVF again the next year.

Not sure where to find these options? Check the Activities tab for the Fertility option.

If you want to try Artificial Insemination and are in a same-sex marriage, then the chance of argument with your partner is low. Also note that after the age of 50, you will be deemed too old for this procedure as well as IVF.

Now, the tough part is to get the options of Artificial Insemination and IVF in the relationship and then getting the chance to have twins or triplets. But these are the only ways to get a higher chance of twins, so keep repeating these methods until it’s successful.

A good trick is to avoid closing the prompt where your treatment hasn’t given you the result you wanted. Instead, just close the app entirely and reopen it. Bitlife will then give you the chance to try again and get pregnant. So, if you keep doing this, you can find out if you become pregnant and get the type of pregnancy you want (twins in this case).

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