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How To Become A Monk In BitLife

Here's a quick guide covering how to be a Monk in BitLife.

BitLife is a game which allows players to explore the lifestyle of everyone. If you wish to live a simple life then BitLife gives you an opportunity to become a Monk. Unlike other achievements in BitLife, becoming a Monk is straightforward.

How To Becoem a Monk in BitLife


The basic requirement to become a Monk in Bitlife is your character should be a male. Since the lifestyle of a Monk is quite simple and pure and if you want to explore it, you must remain a virgin. Once you have fulfilled all of the requirements, head into the job menu and select the Monk career. If your character is not a virgin, you are going to face some issues while attempting to become a Monk. 

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If you are unable to find the Monk career option, you need to either age up or close out of the app completely and re-open to get a new set of jobs. Similar to other jobs in BitLife, as a Monk, you will need to maintain your character’s stats by going to gym, following diet, and visiting the doctor if you get any kind of sickness.


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If you don’t have enough money and want to earn more then you should work hard whenevr you have an opportunity and befriend with your supervisor.

That’s everything you need to know about how to become a Monk in BitLife. While here, ensure reading about how to complete the Bad Santa challenge and how to become a boss of the Mafia Family in BitLife.