BitLife: How To Complete The Bad Santa Challenge

Here's a quick guide covering how to complete the Bad Santa challenge in BitLife.

Ahead of Christmas 2020, BitLife has added a challenge called Bad Santa Challenge, which players can easily complete if they know what they actually need to do. The basic requirement to complete the Bad Santa Challenge is to become Santa in BitLife.

There are tons of players who have been having trouble completing the Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.

How to Complete the Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife

There are certain things that you will need to do complete the Bad Santa Challenge. Among the things that you are supposed to do as a terrible Santa is to Burgle 10 homes and shoplift 10 items and spoil a Christmas for a child by saying Santa is not real.

To complete the Bad Santa challenge in BitLife, your character should be a male or more than 65-year old and have a White beard. Once your character turned 65-year old, become a Santa, which you can do by heading to the Occupation tab.

Unlike the good and joyful Santa, you will have to do everything opposite. Since becoming a depressed old man is also a requirement, it is necessary for your characters to have gone through multiple terrible incidents in his life. You will have to wait until something terrible happens to your character and he has gone into depression.

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Now, the next thing you will need to do is to loot 10 homes and Shoplift 10 items, which you can do by going into Activities and Crime tab respectively. Make sure not to get detected or else your loot would not count.

The last and worst thing you need to do as a Bad Santa is to tell a kid Santa is not real. As you get elder, there are numerous events happening in your life. In one of them, there will be a situation, where you are volunteering at an orphanage and a kid arrives and asks you about Santa Claus. You will have to spoil his Christmas by saying that Santa is not real.

That’s all you need to do about how to complete the Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife. While here, ensure reading about how to complete K-pop challenge and how to become a famous singer in BitLife.