How to complete the K-pop challenge in BitLife

Here are all the requirements that you will need to complete the K-Pop Star challenge.

The latest challenge BitLife has added is K-Pop Star, which needs players to work hard and become a popular K-Pop artist in a limited time. Unlike other BitLife challenges, completing K-Pop Star is not straightforward. If you have been having trouble knowing how to gain fame and become K-Pop Star in BitLife then we have got you covered.

Before we explain the entire process of becoming a K-Pop star, let me tell you that there are certain requirements that need to fulfilled to complete this challenge.

How to complete the K-Pop Challenge in BitLife

Here are all the requirements that you will have to fulfil to complete this challenge:
  • Be born in Korea
  • Get a job as a dancer (Android)
  • Become a famous singer (Android)
  • Become a K-pop Artist (iPhone)
  • Get a million subscribers on YouTube
  • Achieve 100% fame
  • Have a son named Wonho

The requirements for both Android and iPhone users are different. If you are using an iPhone, you will need to become a popular singer first. If you don’t know how to become a famous singer in BitLife then you can click on the bold link.

Irrespective of what phone you are using, the first and foremost requirement to become a K-pop Star challenge is to create a new character in South Korea. If you are using an Android phone and more than 18-year old then you must find a job as a dancer and work hard to become a known singer. If you continue to work hard, you will end up becoming a K-pop artist.

Those who are using an iPhone should convince their parents to take vocal lessons, which you can begin from the age of six. You would need to pay a single penny to take vocal lessons untill you turn 18. Once you have reached 18, you will have to pay $500 each time you take a lesson. Once you have enhanced your vocal skills, you are most likely to be picked up by a record label.

Once you have become a K-Pop singer in BitLife, you will have to create a YouTube channel and gain a million subscribers. Posting videos on a regular basis might help you to achieve a target of having one million subscribers on YouTube. If you keep posting videos on YouTube, it is likely that one of your videos will go viral.

YouTube might help you to achieve 100% fame but there is an easy way that you should try. To achieve 100% fame instantly, go into the job section and apply to become a Porn actor. If you work hard in the adult industry, you will definitely become famous.

The last thing you should do to complete the K-Pop Star Challenge is to have a son named Wonho. Whenever you and your spouse give birth a child, make sure to name him Wonho. Naming your child Wonho will complete this challenge.

That’s everything you need to know about how to finish the K-Pop Star challenge in BitLife. While you are here, you can read other stuff about how to complete The Spooktober Challengehow to get an Athletic Scholarship in BitLife.