How To Become A Boss Of Mafia Family In BitLife

Here's a quick guide covering how to become a mob boss or a Godfather in BitLife.

BitLife has finally dropped its latest update ‘Mafia’, which has taken the world of mobile game on fire. The latest update allows players to be what they want and if you really want to live a life of the Godfather and the Mob boss then BitLife is a game that you will have to play right now.

There are hundreds of BitLife players who have been having trouble knowing how to become The Don or Godfather and if that’s you then look no further as we have a guide covering the entire process in the simplest way.

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How to Become A Mob Boss or Godfather in BitLife

To become The Don and Godfather in BitLife, you will need to join the Mafia family first. The process is quite simple but if you don’t know how to join the Mafia in BitLife then you can click on the link. Once you have successfully joined the Mafia, you will start at the lowest rank as an associate, so you will have to work hard to increase your rank. The easiest way to increase your rank in BitLife is to keep committing crimes and be loyal to your family.

Apart from having a decent rank, you also need to have a good reputation in your gang. To do so, you will have to hand over all your earnings honestly to the Mob Boss. The Mob Boss of your family will often send you contracts that you will have to complete without asking a question. Doing this will impress the boss.

Make sure to complete as many contacts as you can without asking for a promotion. If you do ask for a promotion, your boss will get angry at you.

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When your boss notices your hard work and dedication, he will give you a first promotion when you return after completing a contract. You simply need to accept the promotion and continue committing crimes and one day you will eventually end up becoming a captain then Underboss and then the Boss.

Notably, there is no other way to become the boss of your Mafia family in BitLife right now.