Bitlife: How To Become A Famous Author

Here's how to become a famous writer in Bitlife easily.

If you want to know how to become a famous author in Bitlife then this guide will help you out. As it is in real life, it is not so easy to become a writer and a famous one at that. To gain popularity and a good reputation as a writer in Bitlife, there are certain steps you need to follow. Find out which attributes you need and what you need to do specifically to get to this fame level.

How do you become a Famous Writer in Bitlife?

To become a famous author in Bitlife, you have to first graduate high school with flying colors and apply for the Writer job. Having a high smart level is crucial for this so do your best to increase it to more than 85% by reading books or going to the library to get knowledge.

After passing out of High School, go to University and get an English degree which will increase your chances of becoming a good writer. But it is possible to complete this challenge without this part.

Once you feel confident, you can apply for the job as a Writer. This job will be available in the Jobs section of the game where you will find the Writer (Publisher) vacancy. Clear the interview and work for 8 years to 20 years which will give you the Writer Career Achievement. This is a big deal and you will become more famous due to it. In case you don’t see the Writer job, close the app and restart it and you may see the job opening in the Jobs section. If not, try again.


In terms of attributes, try not to bring sadness (depression) into the picture so manage your Happiness level as well. Plus, looks don’t play a role in this case. All you need overall is high smartness and average happiness levels.

As you keep working towards your goal, you will see the Fame status. Remember to keep writing books to avoid losing your fame. Plus, you can also do TV commercials, go to a talk show or do a photo shoot to maintain your stardom.

That’s everything you need to know about how to become a famous author in Bitlife. Follow these steps to become a famous writer and you will get there easily. Meanwhile, don’t miss out on other fun things to do in Bitlife like: