How To Get Lazurite Jewel in Monster Hunter Rise

This article will help you get the Lazurite Jewel in the new Monster Hunter Rise Version 2.0.

The latest 2.0 patch release of Monster Hunter Rise has introduced an amazing basket of new monsters, decorations, items, and much more. The game is feeling generous and all our hunters out there just cannot get enough of the new stuff included. There are some important resources included and among them is the Lazurite Jewel in MHR. Just by reading its description, you would know how important this material is to craft some of the new decorations added to the game. So in this guide, we help you get the Lazurite Jewel in Monster Hunter Rise and farm it fast.

How to Get the Lazurite Jewel in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)?

Monster Hunter Rise Lazurite Jewe
Players can get Lazurite Jewel in Monster Hunter Rise by completing high-rank quests in the game.  Preferably the quests of The Avaricious Apex Arzuros and The Graceful Apex Rathian. You can expect the jewels as quest rewards or in the form of additional rewards. Now you might have to go back to do defeating these monsters a couple of times. This is because the new decorations require a whopping amount of 5 to 8 Lazurite jewels per decoration. But, the reward of this grind is worth it as you get to craft a number of decorations such as weakness exploit, master’s touch, and many more. These rarity 6 Jewels can also be sold for 880z.
One trick to farm the Lazurite jewel fast is to equip your armor with some good luck skills available in MHR. This may increase your drop rate for the item. Any kind of Non-Rampage Apex Hunts will drop more than one of these Jewels.

So that is all for our guide on how to get the Lazurite Jewel in Monster Hunter Rise. If you would like to know how to get Apex Venom Spike in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) then make sure you check out our guide on that guide too.