How to Get Apex Venom Spike In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

A guide on Apex Venom Spike Location and Uses in Monster Hunter Rise.

By now, it is evident that MH Rise wants you to craft the heck out of your gear. The game keeps encouraging you to never settle on one weapon, making you upgrade and collect new weapons constantly to suit the environment of the game. The game has never-ending resources to help you do this and some of them can be difficult to find. Apex Venom Spike can be one of the bratty ones who just won’t let you find itself. But like always, we got you. In this guide Apex Venom Spike In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR), we tell you the location and uses of it.

How to Get Apex Venom Spike in MHR


Once you are on level 7 of your Rampage quests, you will come face to face with the Apex Rathian monster. Defeating these Flying Wyverns in the quest give you the Apex Venom Spike as a quest reward. You can also carve Apex Rathian body which will give you 1 Apex Venom Spike. This Large monster’s weakness is Dragon and Thunder Elemental Damage and they themselves are Fire and Poison damage monsters. You can impose the highest damage by using blunt damage type on their head which will give you the damage of 75. Simply defeat  Apex Rathian to get Apex Venom Spike.

Where to use it

This special item material is a rarity 6 material that can be used for crafting and upgrading equipment. They can also be sold for 4000z. These are all the weapons that use Apex Venom Spike for upgrading and what quantity is required:

Rampage Agitato II x1
Rampage Bow II x1
Rampage Cleaver II x1
Rampage Gunlance II x1
Rampage Hammer II x1
Rampage Slicer II x1
Rampage Sword II x1
Rampage Blade II x1
Rampage C. Blade II x1
Rampage Glaive II x1
Rampage H. Bowgun II x1
Rampage L. Bowgun II x1
Rampage Spear II x1
Rampage Twinblades II x1

So that will be all for our guide on Apex Venom Spike In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) location. If you do not know where to find Wyvern Gems, check out our article on How To Get Wyvern Gems In Monster Hunter Rise.