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How To Launch An Enemy Into Another With Depulso In Hogwarts Legacy

Send your enemy launching into one another using this Depulso technique in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy features many different spell combos like using Depulso to launch an enemy into another enemy. Combos like these are what make the combat feel fun and engaging. Depulso can be useful since it can be comboed with multiple things but so can other spells. Let’s take a look at how you can use a Depulso combo in which you can launch an enemy into another.

Launching an enemy into another using Depulso in Hogwarts Legacy

add depulso to spell set hogwarts legacy

Depulso is a spell that lets you launch enemies away in the direction you are facing. When you are attempting this combo, make sure there aren’t more than 3-4 enemies around. This is to ensure that you can manage to do this combo and not just keep dodging and blocking enemies. Here are the steps to launch an enemy into another:

launch enemy with depulso hogwarts legacy

  • Have Accio and Levioso in your spell set. These spells can be used to perfectly set up your targets in order to pull this off. You can also use Glasius as a Levioso alternative.
    Use Leviso or Glasius on the first target. Doing so will result in that enemy being locked in place for some time. You need to do this in order to have enough time to line up your second target.
  • Once your first target is locked in place with a spell, line up yourself so that you are in front of the levitating/frozen target. Also, Make sure you have a bit of distance between you and your first target. After lining up yourself, pull your second target towards you using Accio. This is to set up your Launch with Depulso.
  • Finally when the second target is in front of you and the first target behind it, use Depulso to launch the one in front of you into another. If your Depulso is upgraded with Depulso Mastery using Talent Points, then it will be even more powerful. In that case, it may even launch other unsuspecting enemies if they are near enough.

That is how you can use Depulso to launch enemies into one another in Hogwarts Legacy. For more guides like these, check out our other articles like how to find and use Henrietta’s map and how to get Dugbog tongue using Levioso in Hogwarts Legacy.