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How To Get Dugbog Tongue Using Levitate In Hogwarts Legacy

Check out how to levitate a Dugbog by its tongue in Hogwarts Legacy.

Wondering how to levitate a Dugbog by its tongue in Hogwarts Legacy, then this guide is all you need. In this action RPG, you’ll get to explore the magical Hogwarts castle and its surroundings. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter books or movies, then you know that the wizarding world is full of magical beasts. This game too features some familiar beasts from the HP universe. However, not all of them are friendly. You’ll face some hostile creatures as well but they can be a source of valuable resources. One such hostile creature is the Dugbog and this guide will teach you how to deal with it.

How to Levitate Dugbog by its Tongue in Hogwarts Legacy

Use Levioso to levitate a dugbog by its tongue
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The Dugbog is a territorial creature you’ll find near swamps and rivers. They usually hide in the grass and attack the unsuspecting traveler. However, you can use Revalio in swampy areas to reveal their position. Two reasons why you should look for these creatures are their tongues and to complete the dueling feats. One such feat is to hang it by its tongue.

To levitate the Dugbog by its tongue, use the Levioso spell when it opens its mouth to attack. The Dugbog will rise into the air and you can hit it with another powerful spell. Make sure you are at a good distance. Once you levitate it, you’ll get a “Duelling Feat Complete” prompt. Moreover, you’ll get the Dugbog tongue by using this trick when its HP is low.

These creatures have two attacks. One is their extending tongues and the other is their charge attack. The charge attack can deal heavy damage so make sure you dodge it. Also, keep a few Wiggenweld potions with you to heal. The timing to use the Levioso spell is a bit tricky but you can get it with a few tries.

That’s all from us on how you can Levitate Dugbog by its tongue in Hogwarts Legacy. For guides like How to Sell Beasts, make sure you visit our Wiki Guide.