How To Get The Lance Of Loyalty In Arcane Odyssey

Charge at your enemies with this quick guide on how to get the Lance of Loyalty in Arcane Odyssey.

Arcane Odyssey put players in the open waters of the Bronze Sea, a place full of treasures and dangers in every direction. Players can spend hours of fun sailing the sea and traveling to unique islands while they fed off pirates and bandits. The game also has an arsenal of weapons with cool moves and powers. Let’s look at how you can get your hands on the Lance of Loyalty in Arcane Odyssey.

How to Get the Lance of Loyalty in Arcane Odyssey

how to get the lance of loyalty in arcane odyssey

The Lance of Loyalty is one of the few strength-based weapons in the game. These types of weapons require you to be a Warlord build. The player who wants to use this weapon will have to invest in the strength and weapons skill tree. If you already have 40% in Weapons and Strength then follow these steps to get the Lance of Loyalty.

  • Use your ship and make your way to the island of Fort Talos north-east to the Sailor’s Lodge
  • Avoid the Fort’s cannons by sailing to the small island next to it.
  • Walk around the island to the small cave on its side, you should find the secret entrance to the fort.
  • Make your way through the Fort, you can avoid the guards on the way.
  • Walk through the double doors. That’s where you’ll find the boss General Argos.
  • This is going to be a tough fight so go in prepared.

Once you kill him, there is a 14% chance of him dropping the Lance of Loyalty. He can also drop the Lion’s Halberd, another rare weapon. The Lance of Loyalty is a great weapon to have in your inventory thanks to its special Shining Cycle attack. There are also 3 other skills that will be added to the weapon in future updates so it’s best that you get the weapon as soon as you can.

That’s all we have on how to get the Lance of Loyalty. Check out our guides on How to get Cirrus Buried Treasure and other Arcane Odyssey Guides here on Gamer Tweak.