Knockout City: League Play And Ranks Decoded

Here is everything you need to know about the league play and ranks in Knockout city

Knockout city is the latest multiplayer frenzy on the circuit and it is building a fan base of its own. Knockout city is a direct competitor to Apex legends and Fortnite so it was obvious the developers would come up with league mode. Few weeks into the release of the game the League play mode of Knockout city has been introduced and it has increased the competitiveness of the game. Let’s dig deeper and know everything about the League play mode and ranks in Knockout City.

League Play and Ranks In Knockout City

Knockout city league play ranks

The League play mode is very similar to the Ranked in apex legends. Players need to be at least level 10 to be eligible for the League play. There are 8 divisions with Bronze being the least and Ruby being the best. Every division has 3 tiers the best being Tier 3 and the lowest being Tier 1. Players will have to reach all the 3 tiers to advance to the next division. You get 1 LP (league point) for every point and you lose one for every loss. Another thing players should know is that if you are on a winning streak you get 2 league points for every win after the 3rd consecutive win.  The league play is simple, get league points to reach higher divisions as every division has its special rewards. Here is a list of divisions from best to worst.

  • Ruby division
  • Emerald division
  • Sapphire division
  • Diamond division
  • Platinum division
  • Gold division
  • Silver division
  • Bronze division

As this is the first season so all the players will start this season unranked and will have to work their way up. This also gives everyone a fair chance to reach higher. Next season onwards players will start with a division lower every time they enter a new season. While you can’t get demoted to another division you can always go down tiers. Players can go from Tier 3 to Tier 1 in any division if they keep on losing. The first season has already begun on 26th May so start collecting those League points ASAP.

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