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Knockout City Crossplay Guide: How To Play With Friends?

Knockout City - How to cross play with friends? Does this game has Crossplay support, here are all the answers.

Knockout City has crossplay support for PC and all recent consoles like PS5 and Xbox. With over Two Million players, you can now compete with anyone globally.  Knockout City is a shooter game but with balls instead of weapons. This dodgeball game looks like apex legends with a ball in a counters strike setting. With the image in your head, you can probably figure out how the game is meant to be played with friends. There are a couple of ways you can play the game with your friends.

How To Play Knockout City With Friends?


Knockout city friends
Knockout city supports cross-play across all platforms. To play with a friend open the “Social” (you will see the button next to it). The second tab is the friend’s tab which will show you all the friends you have added already. You can all see the “Search KO City Id” option using which you can find your friends using the KO City Id and add them. Click on the name from the search results and you will get the add friend option. You can see the KO City Id at the top of the Social section.

Once you have added your friend you can see their name under the friend’s menu. Click on their name and you will get an option “invite to group”, select it and they will get the invite. Now you have to wait for them to accept the invite.

Knockout city friends
You can access the invites you receive from the Invites menu under the social tab. Players can also create a crew by clicking on the “join a crew” button from the home menu and then select the “create a crew” option. You can also get the “find a crew” option under the same menu. The process of Inviting your friends to the crew remains the same. If you want to leave the crew you will find the option for the same in place of the “create a crew” option.


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