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How To Change Gender In Knockout City?

Want to change your Brawler gender in Knockout City? Here is they way to do that.

Knockout City allows the players to customize every possible thing about their in-game character called Brawler. From clothes to voice to accessories, everything can be changed at your convenience, but changing genders can be confusing. The game does not have a direct option that will just tell you to choose between male or female characters. You will have to manually set all the attributes that you want your character to have in order to make it look like a male or a female. So in this guide, we will tell you how to change the gender of your Brawler In Knockout City.

How to Change the Brawler Gender in Knockout City?


  1. Open the in-game menu.
  2. There, click the ‘Customize Brawler‘ option.
  3. You will be met with a window that will allow you to completely customize your character.

To create a male or a female character in Knockout City, change the following customization options that will affect the look of your gender:

  • Body & Skin Color: There are two kinds of body types available in the game. One is more on the feminine side and the other on the masculine side. Here according to your preference, you can choose the body type that you prefer which will affect the way your character looks immensely.`You can also change the skin color here.


Body And Skin Color

  • Face and Makeup: There is a wide range of options that are available at the players’ disposal. The faces are remarkably different in terms of features and can be distinguished between a male and a female face. Choose the face that you feel suits the gender that you are creating in Knockout City. You can also change your makeup color in this tab if you find it necessary.

Face and Makrup


  • Hairstyle and Hair Color: The players can customize the hairstyle that they think will go best with the gender that they are creating and can also change the hair color to enhance the features more.

Hairstyle and color

  • Voice: There are 6 different voices that you can assign to your Brawler in Knockout City. 3 of them are male and 3 female. So you can choose anyone that you think will fit your character gender.


Character Voice Knockout City Change Gender

  • Outfit: The outfits provided are pretty easy to make out whether they belong to the male or a female Brawler. You can choose anything from crop tops and skirts to jeans and T-shirts that will enhance the gender of your character.

Brawler Outfit Knockout City Change Gender

Combining all the aspects of the above customizations will get you the gender that you desire for the brawler. You can customize up to 3 Brawlers in Knockout City. So that is all for our guide on how to change gender in Knockout City. If you would like to know how to tackle in the game, do check out our guide on that too.