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How To Beat And Kill Fingers (Ronnie) Easily In Sons Of The Forest

Check out how to kill Fingers in Sons of The Forest.

If you’re wondering how to kill Fingers in Sons of The Forest, you’re at the right place. In this game, you’ll find yourself stranded on a mutant-infested island. Fingers or Ronnie are one of the mutant enemies, and they are tough to beat. Many new players got themselves killed while facing one. If you do not want to share the same fate, then read ahead to learn how to deal with them.

Who are Fingers in SoTF?

Fingers or Ronnie mutant in SoTF

Fingers or Ronnie are cave-dwelling mutants you’ll find while exploring the island. These are hostile creatures and will attack you as soon as they notice your presence. These humanoid creatures don’t have arms. Instead, they have a torso full of fingers in the shape of a claw. To attack you, they will swing their whole upper body at you.

How to Beat & Kill Fingers in Sons of The Forest

In Sons of The Forest, the best way to kill fingers is to use ranged weapons on its legs. Then, attack them with heavy weapons while they are stunned. However, they’re stunned only for a couple of seconds. So use the hit-and-move strategy. Use weapons like a bow or a gun to stun it and then a chainsaw to attack. These are the best weapons for this mutant but if you don’t have them, then you can use other combinations of melee and ranged weapons.

For players without a ranged weapon, you can beat Ronnie but it’ll be a bit more difficult. Fingers can inflict heavy damage in a close-range fight. However, you can read and predict their attacks. Keep your distance and count the number of swings it takes. Then, move in, attack, and step back again. Use this strategy till you kill this mutant.

Once you kill Fingers, you can use a knife to get a Creepy Armor from its body. However, if you are killed by it, you’ll respawn in a white gooey liquid that you have to cut and escape.

That’s everything from us on how to kill Fingers in Sons of The Forest. For more such content as How to Get a Machete, make sure you visit our SoTF section.