Sims 4: How To Kill A Sim (All Possible Ways)

Check out our guide to find out every possible way to kill a Sim in Sims 4.

Sims 4 is a social simulation game that involves several virtual people called Sims. While you become the creator of the world, it is up to you to look over them and satisfy their needs. But as their numbers increase, it can become a bit hard to manage them all. As the Sims can die, this calls for Population control! It’s like what Thanos said, “Completely balanced as all things should be”. So, here’s our guide on how to kill a Sim in Sims 4.

How to Kill a Sim in Sims 4

Mentioned below are all the possible ways that a Sim can die:

Death by Beetles

You can kill a Sim by drinking three drinks of Beetle Juice. It is the fastest method to kill a Sim.

Death by Cardiac Explosion

It can be caused by making a Sim extremely angry. You can do this by looking at an angry painting, getting into mean social interactions, fights, and eating Angry Flaming Spaghetti.

Death by Cowplant

If you have forgotten to feed your Cowplants, you will notice a piece of Cake hanging from its mouth. As you go closer to the Cowplant, choose an option to “Eat the cake” to get eaten by the plant itself. There’s a 50% chance that the Sim can survive the attack.

Death by Drowning

For this, you need to remove the ladder and put a fence around the swimming pool. After your Sim gets tired, he/she will get exhausted and drown to death in the pool.

sims 4 kill a sim
Image Source – SIMsational on YouTube.

Death by Electrocution

If your Sim has a lower Handiness skill than level 5, there is a possibility that they can get singed or Seriously fried. After that, when the Sim tries to repair cheap gadgets like television or oven, they will get electrocuted and eventually die.

Death by Embarrassment

Once a Sim is mortified, you need to hold that moodlet for a while to result in this. You can embarrass a Sim by indulging in embarrassing situations. These include walking on another Sim using a toilet or having an embarrassing conversation.

Death by Falling from heights

If the Sims don’t have the suitable gear or the necessary preparation, they can fall to their death.

Death by Fire

You can either cook food using a cheap stove or put rugs underneath the fireplace. Once a fire is lit, let the Sims stand out in that fire.

kill sim sims 4
Image Source – SIMsational on YouTube.

Death by Flies

Different Sims can bond with Flies in an eco Lifestyle. If it goes haywire, you will find yourself swarmed with flies and eaten alive.

Death by Flowers

With the flower arrangement skill, add the Death Flower scent to your arrangement. You can either gift it to someone elder or use it yourself. As this flower causes aging, you can use it on adults to speed up their process.

Death by Freezing

You can use the weather control device to create a blizzard or walk in the active blizzard without no gear. As your Sim’s body turns blue, it will take around an hour until they freeze to death. You need to make sure to use swimming or light clothes as you head out in the blizzard.

Death by Hunger

If your Sim doesn’t eat for more than 48 hours, they can starve to death. Make sure to keep your Sim in a locked room with no food.

Death by Killer Chicken

As you have a conversation with the Chicken, use mean or mischievous interactions. After they reach their limit, they will start attacking. If you somehow survived the attack, talk means again for them to attack again.

Death by Killer Rabbit

This method is the same as the last one. If you survive the attacks of a wild rabbit, repeat the mean or mischievous to provoke them to attack you again.

Death by Laughter

After a Sim is having a playful conversation with someone, they can become hysterical. You need to maintain the very playful moodlet to develop into a hysterical mood. Then, the Sims can face death out of laughter.

Death by Lightning

If a Sim gets struck by lightning a couple of times, it can die. You can cause thunderstorms and head out to face the lighting.

Death by Murphy Bed

As the Sim rests or sleeps on the Murphy Bed, they can get crushed by the Bed. For this, you need to buy the Tiny Living Stuff Pack.

Death by Overexertion

You can exhaust your Sim with different tasks to exhaust them. Once the Sim gets the Dangerously tired moodlet, complete another task to die of overexertion.

Death by Poison

As your Sims explore the wild forests, they can get poisoned by the wild scorpions and spiders.

sims 4 skill sim
Image Source – SIMsational on YouTube.

Death by Pufferfish

If your Sim has lower cooking skills and cooked Pufferfish Nigiri, there is a 50 % chance that the Sim can die of poisoning.

Death by Steam

Once your Sim receives the Supreme Steaming moodlet, stay until the Sim dies in the sauna.

Death by Sunlight

As vampires are immortal, they can die when exposed to the sunlight for a long time.

Death by Vending Machine

You need to shake and climb over the vending machine to let it crush over the Sim.

Death by Rabid Rodent Fever

If you don’t clean the cage of your Rodent Pet, they start biting their Sims. It will eventually result in the Rabid Rodent Fever and cause your Sim to die in three days.

Consumed by the Mother plant

The Sims can be eaten and consumed by the Mother plant when they solve the Strangerville Mystery.

Death By Casting Spells

The Spellcasters that keep on casting their spells when their meters are low can die of overloading.

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