How To Get Magic Beans In Sims 4

Want to gain access to magic beans in Sims 4? Wondering what magic beans are and what they do? Follow this guide to know all about magic beans in Sims 4.

The realm of real-life simulation was redefined when the Sims first was launched. Since then, they’ve maintained a fanbase who’ve established a universe of their own.
A number of limited-time events were part and parcel of the sims 4. Magic Beans and the forbidden fruit were entities pertaining to a similar limited-time event. In this guide, we walk through the ways on how to get magic beans in Sims 4. In case you’re clueless and wondering – “what are magic beans in Sims 4 ? What do they do ? we’ve got that covered too! So follow the undermentioned steps to obtain magic beans in Sims.

How to get Magic Beans in Sims 4?

  • Make Sure your gardening skill is atleast at level 10
  • Purchase rare seed packets until you get all 6 magical beans:
    • Flirty
    • Confident
    • Sad
    • Uncomfortable
    • Tense
    • Playful
    • Angry

Now that you have all 6 magical beans you can proceed to use them.

   magic beans sims 4

What is the purpose of Magic Beans?

The sole motive of the magic beans was to enable the Mystical Magic Bean Portal Tree, thereby allowing the players to obtain the “Forbidden Fruit”.
This forbidden fruit would grant players the appearance and abilities of a plant-like humanoid called a PlantSim. PlantSims possessed abilities like conversing with plants to construct social skills and absorb solar energy for their hunger motive.

Your PlantSim form would last with its abilities for 5 days before transforming back to their original form. The aforementioned PlantSims challenge happened to be a limited-time event which is now no longer existent. You can however still use magic beans and transform temporarily into a PlantSim. The steps mentioned below will assist you in using the magic beans.

How to Use the Magic Beans

  • Enable Cheats and in the text space, type “bb.showhiddenobjects” then press Enter
  • In the “Outdoor Activities” bit, you’ll discover the magic stump
  • Place the magic beans on this magic stump and water it
  • Since the Magic Stump is also a type of plant, watering will cause it to gradually grow into the Mystical Magic Bean Portal
  • Make your way inside the portal and you’ll be asked a series of questions
  • On correctly answering these questions, you’ll obtain the forbidden fruit
  • Consuming this forbidden fruit will transform you into a PlantSim

So now you know How to Get Magic Beans in Sims 4, How to Use them, What They Do and what are PlantSims. This guide is what you’ll need to once and for all complete this Magic Beans/PlantSims section of Sims 4! Here’s a little guide on How To Earn In-Game Currency In Sims 4.