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How To Access And Play Scenarios In Sims 4

Learn how to Access and Play Scenarios in Sims 4 from this guide.

In the latest update, UPDATE 2nd November 2021, Sims 4 got a new feature called Scenarios. Scenarios are special story-mode custom events where you will have to play out a given Scenario. Your choices affect the outcome of that Scenario event. Yes, your decisions will be the deciding factor on how the Scenario will end. This is to add more depth to the game by introducing its own set of problems. In today’s guide, I will explain how to Access and Play Scenarios in Sims 4.

How to Access and Play Scenarios in Sims 4



As of the update, there are only two Scenarios available, Making Money and Finding Love after a Break up. These Scenarios are tagged as Challenge Scenarios as they put the player in very challenging situations. Hence the tag. For instance, the Making Money Scenario is where your Sim will be in a situation where they have 0 Simoleons in their banks. The objective is to make a million Simoleons one way or another. It could be through the righteous means or the not-so-righteous ones. You just need one million Simoleons.

You can access the Scenarios through the Main Menu which is under the New Scenario button. From there you will be able to select the Scenarios you want to play out. Click on the View button on the Scenarios to learn about them and to start them. Start in a New Save or Start with Existing Save will be the two options you will get after clicking on the View button. For the time being, you can start a Scenario only in a new household. In the foreseeable future, they will make it where you will be able to bring your existing household into these Scenarios. Just click on Start in a New Save and begin your Scenario.


This was all about Accessing and Playing Scenarios in Sims 4. Hopefully, this guide helped you in your Sims journey. You can also check our guides on How to get Abducted by Aliens and How to get Unlimited Money in Sims 4.