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Sims 4: How To Get A Cowplant (Growing & Grafting Methods)

Trying to grow a Cowplant in Sims 4? Check out this guide to learn how to get the seeds needed for it.

Many Sims 4 players are looking to grow a Cowplant. This is an interesting plant that you can interact in many ways with like feeding, playing, petting, and more. But things get real when it eats your Sims. Yep, your Sims might be Vegan but this cow for a plant is not. Fail to feed it and you could be its next meal. And once it does eat you there are some interesting things that happen to its milk. So if you are looking to try these things you should check how to get a Cowplant in Sims 4.


How to Get a Cowplant in Sims 4

how to grow a cowplant in sims 4
Image Credit: MattShea on YouTube

You can get a Cowplant by planting and growing the Cowplant berry. There are 5 ways to get Cowplant berry in Sims 4.

  • Explore space
  • Go fishing
  • Dig for treasures
  • Graft different plants
  • Use your Sim to order rare seed packets

Here is all that you need to know about them.


Explore Space to Get Cowplant in Sims 4

While exploring space in The Green Man scenario you can get the cowplant berry. This same scenario also lets you a UFO fruit so your exploring the space can be useful in more than one way. This is a chance-based method so there is no guarantee when you will get the cowplant berry.

Go fishing

Fishing is another chance-based method where you have a random chance of getting a cowplant berry. But when it comes to speed then when compared to exploring space and digging for treasures this is the fastest method.


Dig for treasures

You can try to dig for treasure in order to get your hands on the Cowplant berry. And like the above two methods, this too is chance-based.

Graft Different plants – Best Way to Get Cowplant Berry in Sims 4

This is a tedious but a sure way to get the Cowplant berry.

  1. Get level 5 of the Gardening skill to unlock the ability to cut and graft to other plants.
  2. Explore Willow Creek and cut a Snapdragon.
  3. Next, grow a Strawberry bush.
  4. Now graft the snapdragon on the Strawberry bush.
  5. This will give you a dragon fruit.
  6. Now start growing this dragon fruit.
  7. Next, you need another snapdragon, once you have it graft it onto this dragon fruit plant.
  8. This will give you a plant that has snapdragon dragon fruit.
  9. From this plant, you will get Cowplant berries.

Use your Sim to order rare seed packets

If you can manage to level up your gardening to level 10 then this method is for you. Make your Sim use the computer to order rare seed packets. Once you get and open these packets you can get a Cowplant berry from them. But again just like the first three methods this method too is chance-based.

As mentioned above once you manage to get your hands on the cowplant berry all you have to do is plant and grow them and you will get the Cowplant you were looking for.

That covers this guide on how to get and grow a Cowplant in Sims 4. Since you like playing this game you might find our guides interesting on cottage living canning and how to get animal treats in this game.