How To Join Other Squads In MW3 Zombies

Wondering how you can join up with other squads in MW3 Zombies? Here’s all you need.

Like DMZ earlier, MW3 Zombies will allow players to join or invite other squads nearby in its PvE combat mode. If you have more than three players, Modern Warfare 3 Zombies will allow you to join up with others mid-game. Players can join up for a maximum of a squad of six.

Although linking up won’t entirely be easy, being connected to other players on Discord or some other application of your choice. The difficult part of this entire process is getting the timing on your queues right to enter the same game.

How to Join or Invite Other Squads in MW3 Zombies

How To Join Other Squads In MW3 Zombies
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Whether you are in the same game with your friends or want to invite other squads, all you have to do is open the Ping Wheel. Once you do so, you can find two options, Invite Nearby Players to Join Your Squad and Request to Join Nearby Squad. Once a request or invite is sent, nearby players have to open their Ping Wheel and accept the request or invite. After this, the two squads can play together as a six men team as they look to clear the threat areas.

The Ping Wheel can be opened by holding the dedicated button and then you can use the right analog stick or the mouse to select either of the two options. There are numerous exciting mechanics of MW3 Zombies like the Sentry Gun, Cryo Freeze Ammo Mod, Weapons Upgrade and more. If you match the timings of your queues, who knows you might even be able to enjoy these with your group.

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