How To Upgrade Weapons In Call Of Duty MW3 Zombies

Want to level up gear and weapons fast in Modern Warfare 3? Check out our guide on how to upgrade your weapons in MW3 Zombies.

Unlike the previous Call of Duty installments, Modern Warfare 3’s Zombie mode features a new upgrade system known as Pack a Punch machine. As you use this machine, it increases the overall stats of your equipped weapon. This will allow you to survive longer and take on the hordes of undead enemies quite easily.

That said, many players are confused if they can start the deployment with an upgraded weapon. While this won’t be an easy feat, there is a way to pack a punch with your leveled-up weapon. So, check out our guide on how to upgrade weapons in MW3 Zombies.

How to Upgrade Weapons in MW3 Zombies

You can upgrade weapons in MW3 Zombies using the Pack a Punch machine. It is the only way to level up your weapons in exchange for the required cost. You can find these machines scattered across the map in several locations. So, you can use the Tic-map to locate these machines with its icon. Once you find one, ping it and head over to its location.

You can level up your weapons to a maximum of level three depending on the different zones. As you head there, you need to spend a specific amount of Essence to upgrade your weapons. However, you can’t upgrade your weapons at a Pack-a-punch machine in the same zone for the second time.

So, here’s the cost to upgrade your weapons depending on their levels and zones:

LevelsEssence PointsZones
15,000Clear Zone
210000Orange Zone
315000Red Zone

Note that your upgraded weapon will return to the base version once you exit the game. So, you need to start over as soon as you load out of the game. But don’t worry, there’s also another way to start a deployment with a leveled-up weapon.

How to Start with an Upgraded Weapon in Modern Warfare Zombies

mw3 zombies upgrade weapons
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You can use the Aetherium Crystals to level up your weapons in MWZ if you don’t have enough Essence. You can find these crystals in Reward Rifts, Mystery Boxes, and Loot Boxes. For that, you can complete contracts in the Acquisition section to earn Reward Rifts.

As you find the Raw, Refined, and Flawless Aetherium Crystals, it can upgrade your currently equipped weapon. This includes leveling up your weapons to levels 1, 2, and 3 respectively. Once you find any crystals, you have a choice of upgrading the equipped weapon instantly. Or you can wait and use it in the future by having a successful Exfil.

Since you can store up to 10 items in your Acquisition Stash, we highly recommend stacking multiple crystals.

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