MW3 Zombies: How To Get Sentry Gun

Mounting a Sentry Gun in MW3 Zombies is one of the best ways to clear hordes of zombies. If you are playing the game solo, this is one of those guns that you absolutely need to have. The mounted weapon is one of the strongest line of attack and even defense when it comes to that.

Since Modern Warfare 3 has a plethora of weapons of different kinds, players have a lot to experiment. While Singularity is also a crucial weapon when facing a horde, there is something different about mowing down zombies while they chase you.

How to Get Sentry Gun in MW3 Zombies

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Get Sentry Gun
Image Source: Screenshot via Call of Duty

The best way to get the Sentry Gun in MW3 Zombies is purchasing one from any Buy Stations inside of the medium or high threat level area. Although it will cost you 2000 Essence, they will be easier to farm if you are in the higher threat levels already. Apart from that, players can also look for the mounted weapon random loot caches or as rewards for contracts you complete.

However, the most reliable method is still purchasing the mounted gun. Do note that it won’t be available from the Buy Stations of low threat area. Also, since you will need to buy other items to sustain, make sure you use your Essence wisely.

Apart from clearing hordes, players will need the mounted weapon while completing specific missions. One such will task you to get 20 Sentry Gun kills. Although it will be a little tedious, players can also use the mounted gun while fighting zombies like the Mega Abomination. Although you will have to watch out for frontal attacks heading towards you, it will make life all the more easier.

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