Is Valheim Free To Play? (Answered)

Wondering if Valheim is Free to Play? Learn if Valheim is F2P in this quick guide. Know more about the brutal survival game before playing.

Valheim is the current viral hit game which mixes everything that fans of the Norse Mythology will love. There are powerful enemies, building, hunting, searching for more resources and even Odin. Due to this popularity on Steam, it has sold more than 1 million copies of the game in its first week and the game is still in Early access (at the time of writing). This is Iron Gate’s very first game so those numbers are amazing. Because of this, more and more players want to try out the game but they are curious to know – Is Valheim free to play? Or do you have to shell out some money? Find out here.

Is Valheim Free?

is valheim free to play

The answer is no, Valheim is not free to play. In a world of F2P Multiplayer games, the devs Iron Gate AB decided to take a different route with Valheim. The early access version released on February 2, 2021 and it costs $19.99 on Steam. Up to 10 players can join in and experience this procedurally-generated world and fight monsters together. Valheim is fun to play solo as well so you don’t really need other people along with you but the game recommends 3-5 players to do so for the best gameplay.

You can craft weapons that get more and more powerful as you upgrade, build impenetrable housing and use your Longship to travel the high seas and defeat Sea Serpents. There’s danger lurking everywhere which is why our Valheim guides will help you along the way. As per Steam statistics, the current players and peak players have significantly grown and got Valheim a place in the top Steam games. Plus, it is also garnering fame on Twitch which is the perfect add-on for a game like this. No wonder the game has ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ reviews on Steam.

Looks like Valheim is the Viking survival game that we needed, especially after Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The ability to bring your friends into your game makes it even more exciting. Survival is of utmost importance here and you must do everything it takes to make that happen.

Want to know more about this game before diving into it? We’ve got a Valheim starter guide for you here as well as some more hidden tips and tricks in our Valheim wiki. Check them out to know how the game works and level up quickly.