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Who Is The Grim Reaper In Valheim

Wondering about the Grim Reaper like character's identity in Valheim? Check it out right here

A dark grim reaper like character in Valheim has been haunting players for quite a time now, there are a lot of theories about the identity of the character, but conspiracy theories aside we think we know who the grim reaper is and if you want to know, who the grim reaper in Valheim is, you will have to read the rest of this guide.

Who Is The Grim Reaper In Valheim

While there’s no confirmation about it, but a lot of players on the r/Valheim subreddit have come to believe that the Grim Reaper like character in Valheim is none other than Odin himself. If you check out the faq section of the Valheim website, you’ll see a few mentions to Odin and we think this is a brilliant way to introduce him to the game. If you go near this character, it disappears and then reappears again.

who is the grim reaper in Valheim

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How To Summon Odin (Grim Reaper) In Valheim

It looks like Odin only shows himself randomly or when he’s satisfied with your progression in the game, but there have been similarities where players have found Odin or the Grim Reaper in Valheim. You will have to meet certain conditions to ensure that Odin pays his respect to you and personally comes from Asgard.

  • Be in the meadows or the swamp biome
  • Defeat a boss recently
  • Try to find and farm animals

A lot of players have stated that meeting these conditions have helped them see Odin or the Grim Reaper in Valheim. This is all there is to know about who the strange character is and how to summon Odin in Valheim.

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