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How To Get Started In Valheim

Are you just getting started in Valheim. Check out these basic tips

You’re getting started in Valheim but looking at the vastness of the game mixed with all the elements it is possible to be overwhelmed by it and lose track of things that you should be actually doing. While there’s an infinite possibility of doing things, we’ve squared down the things that you should be focusing on in this beginner’s guide for Valheim.

For your first day, you should take things basic and focus on them. You’re basically a single Viking in a vast and unknown land, so before you go charging at your enemies with sticks and stones that will be available to you. Here are things that you must do on day one.

Valheim Getting Started: First Day Guide

  • Gather Resources
  • Collect Food Items
  • Construct A Workbench
  • Build A Campfire
Valheim Getting Started: First Day Guide
This beginner’s guide of Valheim will have you getting started in an instant

Focusing on the below things should give you the best starting point in Valheim, from here you can then take on things that are pretty easy for starters and before you know it, you will be taking on some of the vicious enemies the game has to throw at you.

Gathering Resources

As said before, Valheim has endless possibilities so it makes sense for the game to allow players to gather useful resources like wood, stone, and other basic necessities. These are the things that are key to your survival and progress in the game.

You will have to focus on getting these things as long as you’re still in your comfort area. Your starting area is safe and while you’re here make sure to locate and collect every natural resource available to you. You’re going to need food, clothing, and shelter. So make sure that these things are on the top of your priority list and go after them. This tip is one of the most basic and vital steps of the beginner’s guide in Valheim.

Collect Food Items

After you’ve gathered things to make a nice little home for yourself, you’re going to need to replenish your energy. While hunting at this point in the game might be too big of a task, make sure that you gather berries, fruits, and other things that you can consume on the go.

You are going to need these things as your stamina and health fall low, replenishing these things will help you to survive longer and progress further in the game.


Workbench is going to be your go-to place when you wish to construct anything new, make sure that you have your workbench.

This will allow you to craft new tools and items that you’re going to need in the game. Every rudimentary tool that you have is going to be vital in the early stages and this is one of the most if not the most important that you’re going to need in Valheim. You have to have this as a beginner’s guide in Valheim

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After everything else, you’re also going to need to rest, and what better way than to just lay on your bed after a day of hard labor. Well, you’re going to need heat and light, and having a campfire beside you will keep you warm throughout the night.

your bed will become the respawn point in the game, so make sure to create a roof over it so that you can protect yourself from the forces of nature while you’re trying to survive and not get affected by it.

These are the things that you should be focusing on when getting started in Valheim. Make sure that you get these things done on the first day itself and you’ll be absolutely in the best shape to move ahead.

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