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Payday 2: How to Play With Friends (Add & Invite Friends)

Check out our guide on how to add, invite, and play with friends in Payday 2.

Payday 2 is an online action-packed video game that involves carrying out several heists. Wouldn’t it be cooler if we could heist with friends? Yes, you can as it is an online multiplayer first-shooter game. But adding or inviting your friends can be slightly tricky. So, here’s our guide on how to add, invite, and play with friends in Payday 2.

How to Invite People & Friends in Payday 2


There are three ways to play with friends in Payday 2. You can either join a lobby, host a lobby, or invite other players to friends to your lobby.

Follow these steps to invite friends or people:

  • Firstly, select and log in the Crime.net from the Main Menu.
  • As you select this option, you will see all the heists with a group icon scattered around the map.
  • If you click on these heists, you will join public matchmaking hosted by random players.
  • Alternative to this option, you can also host a match with your friends.
  • On this map, you can select a bank heist with a circle icon to host.
  • As you click on the bank heist, you will see objectives to your left and be able to tweak some settings to your bottom-right.
  • Next, as you enter the Planning phase, you can edit the game settings.
  • You can select the options to invite, mute, or kick players.


payday 2 add invite play friends
Image Source – NerdBurglars Gaming on YouTube.
  • Upon selecting the Edit Game settings option, set which players can join the heist.
  • While the Friends-only option can be joined only by your friends, the Private option involves inviting and sending requests to other players.
  • There’s also a Public option that allows the game to be joined by everyone.
  • Once you are all set, select the Start the Heist option.
  • In addition to these methods, there is also another option to purchase a suitable contract.
  • As you select Crime.net, select the Contract_Broker option.
  • You need to purchase the suitable Contract by paying the Offshore cash. Then, you can set the suitable settings and start the heist.


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