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Payday 2: How To Mark Enemies

This is how you can mark enemies to highlight them for your friends in Payday 2.

Having intel is one of the crucial things in Payday 2, and thus it is a good habit to mark your enemies. Highlighting enemies can help you and your teammates know their location. This can help alert your team and help them hide from the guards. But it can be a bit confusing how to target them and you may think you need some special skill for it. Don’t worry, in this guide you can learn how to highlight enemies in Payday 2.

How to Mark Enemies in Payday 2


payday 2 how to mark enemies
Image Credit: Small Oil on YouTube

You can Mark enemies in this game by pressing the Shout or Interact button. This will highlight the enemies by showing their silhouette to you and your teammates. In order to mark them press the following button:

  • PC: Press the F key on your keyboard.
  • Xbox: Press the RB button on your controller.
  • PS4: Press the R1 button on your controller.
  • Nintendo Switch: Press the R button on your Switch Pro controller or on the Joy-con.


You cannot mark every enemy in the game. The feature to highlight is only applicable to special enemies and security cameras. These special enemies include:

  • Bulldozer
  • Captain Winters
  • Cloaker
  • Medic
  • SWAT Van Turret
  • Shield
  • Sniper
  • Taser

If you want to improve how marking enemies affects your gameplay, you should get the High Value Target skill. You can find it under the Silent Killer section of the Ghost Skill tree. This is what it does:


  • High Value Target
    • Base version: Enemies that you mark will take 15% more damage.
    • Ace version: Marked enemies take 50% extra damage when 10 meters away. It also doubles the duration for how long they will stay marked. And lastly, you can highlight them by aiming with any weapon of your choice.

That covers everything you need to do to Highlight enemies in Payday 2. Since you like playing this game you can find our guides useful on how to unlock the jacket character pack, get c4, and upgrade your safehouse for Payday 2.