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Payday 2: How To Get The Jacket Character Pack

Here is how you can get Jacket in Payday 2.

Payday 2 has several DLCs that you can get and many players are looking to get Jacket. But this pack is unique in a way as it is not a simple DLC purchase to get the pack. Nor is it purchase the DLC and then unlock the items. You can get this pack after buying a different game. I know this sounds odd but keep reading as I explain how you can unlock the Jacket Character Pack in Payday 2.

How to Get the Jacket Character Pack in Payday 2


how to unlock jacket in payday 2

You can unlock the Jacket Character Pack by buying the Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number – Digital Special Edition. This is what you need to do:

  1. Own the base game of Payday 2
  2. Next, you can buy the digital special edition of Hotline Miami 2.
  3. If you already have the base game of Hotline Miami 2 then you can also buy the DLC upgrade for it.


These are the only ways to get the jacket character for most people.

The only exception when this method won’t work is for Australians. And that reason is Hotline Miami 2 is banned in Australia. Thus when you can’t own the base game, you can’t get the DLC upgrade or the Deluxe Edition. And if you can’t get the Deluxe Edition you won’t be able to get the jacket. For the most part that is true but there is an absurd way you can get Jacket as an Australian.

You can get the Jacket Character Pack in Australia by sending Overkill Software proof of your Australian citizenship. This seems to be the only working way as an Australian to get the jacket in this game.


Jacket Character Pack Contents

This pack includes the following items:

  • Characters
    • Richard Returns
  • Masks
    • Alex
    • Biker
    • Corey
    • Jake
    • Richter
    • Tony’s Revenge
  • Weapons
    • Jacket’s Mark 10 (Secondary Weapon)
    • Carpenter’s Delight (Melee Weapon)


That covers everything you need to do to unlock Jacket in Payday 2 and information about things the Character Pack includes. Since you like playing this game you should also try some of the best mods for it. And for more help on other games check out our Video Game Guides.