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Best Payday 2 Mods

In this guide we list the best mods you can use for Payday 2.

Payday 2 is among the best gaming heist titles alongside superstar giants like GTA V . In addition to really engaging missions, the franchise keeps linking storylines that work well for the gaming community connected with it. The game has recently taken a surge once more given the hype surrounding the upcoming sequel- Payday 3. As we brace ourselves for the sequel, here’s a list of the best Mods you can use for Payday 2 that enhance your experience of the game. Find them mentioned below.

Best Mods for Payday 2


best mods payday 2

We’ve crafted a list of the most useful and fun mods to use in Payday 2 and have mentioned them below. These are the best mods you can utilize in-game according to what fits your requirement. Remember that each mod comes with its own set of risks regarding bugs and other inconveniences so be careful before applying any mod to the game and carry out adequate research. We’ve listed some of the best mods here which will not only help you get a better sense of the action and story in-game but will improve the overall experience for you. Here are all the best mods for you to use in Payday 2.

The Payday 2 Action Movie Mod


payday 2 action movie

This mod delivers the complete package of everything you expect in an action movie surrounding a heist. Crude splashes of blood, shattered glass, and other debris, an intense atmosphere for each situation- it’s as if you’re in a Tarantino film when you use this mod in-game. This mod will appeal to you if you’re one for extremely brutal violence, gore, and mad intensity in Payday 2.

The Rainbow Mod


color mod payday
Image Courtesy: ModWorkshop

If the aforementioned mod was something crafted out of pure brutality, here’s one with a gentler aura. The rainbow mode converts all instances of blood splatter, and damage to bursts of colored paint stains with some pretty accurate smoke particle physics for that realistic feel. Now you can shoot down opponents and watch them explode into colored splatters of dust and paint. Talk about transforming something violent into something so aesthetically soothing.

Realistic Rebalance for Payday 2 Mod


payday 2 rebalance

The weapons in-game have a more realistic utilization and fire rate post the addition of this mod. Moreover, you’ll find a distribution of weapon damages that feature both boosts and nerfs depending on the situation, range, and even weapon customization. Whatever way you choose to see it, this mod incorporates a very realistic way of using weapons in-game.

XP Breakdown Mod

xp payday 2

In order to simplify the explanations on the mission briefing about ways that can earn you XP, you can use this mod. To best put it- this mod will provide a very brief breakdown of what each mission can land you in terms of XP. Moreover, you can even choose to do additional stuff within the mission that will get you more XP. Furthermore, it also calculates how much XP you can earn in the game for each minute spent. Not the fanciest mod but straight-up useful and to the point. You won’t regret using this one.

Currency Generator Mod

unlimited currency

With this classic “unlimited money” mod, you can add as much spending cash, Continental coins, and Offshore money as you wish. This mod lets you go berserk unlocking weapon slots and customizing masks. Who’d ever say no to an unlimited money mod? Try this one out and go crazy in-game.

Skill unlock Mod

skill unlock payday 2

Using this mod, you can choose any skill you wish to without having to unlock the tier related to it. This can be utilized in many ways with respect to the missions and skills you undertake.  Moreover, it will save you a lot of time giving you the skill you’re best associated with for use in-game.

Increased Speed Mod

payday 2 speed

This mod enables you to traverse the game with boosted speed movement and puts movement issues to bed. Additionally, fall damage is no longer a factor and you take zero damage for falling. Consequently enough, this is one of the most downloaded mods.

We hope this guide was of assistance to you in selecting a Mod for Payday 2. We know you’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of Payday 3 and simply can’t wait. Check out these mods and apply them to Payday 2 as you wait for the sequel’s release.

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