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How to complete Into The Fire daily challenge in Marvel’s Avengers

Here's a guide explaining how to complete Into The Fire daily challenge in Marvel's Avengers. 

In Marvel’s Avengers, Into The Fire is a daily challenge that you can complete along with Ms Marvel. It requires you to start a combo with a sprint attack. If you have got it early in the game but don’t know how to perform it with perfection then this guide will explain how to complete Into The Fire daily challenge in Marvel’s Avengers.


Into The Fire daily challenge – Ms Marvel

To complete this daily challenge, you need to start a combo with a sprint attack fifteen times. You will be given three challenge points as a reward. Do you actually know sprint attack in Marvel’s Avenger is? Well, it is kind of special attack that you need to unlock.

You will have to head towards the skills screen and look through the light and heavy attack branches. Make sure the light sprint attack should be in the first column while the heavy sprint attack in the second. In order to complete this challenge, it is mandatory to complete either of these.

After gathering all the necessary skill, run into an enemy, perform the sprint attack that you have and then complete the combo. Notably, it would not be counted unless or until you complete the combo, which means stringing together three-light or heavy attacks. If you managed to do this for the fourteen times more then you will be able to complete the Into The Fire daily challenge.

In Marvel’s Avengers, there are plenty of other daily challenges but majority of them are quite easy. However, there are certain challenges, thay might take a lot of time to get them completed. If you want to make your playthrough a little easier, be sure to check others guides on Marvel’s Avengers.