Marvel’s Avengers: Kate Bishop Revealed As First Free Playable DLC Character

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have revealed the first free post-launch character for Marvel’s Avengers, namely Kate Bishop. In addition, the high-level missions that the players can experience in the endgame were presented.

As part of the latest War Table live stream, Square Enix and the responsible developers at Crystal Dynamics have revealed some more details about the upcoming action game Marvel’s Avengers. Above all, the first post-launch character was revealed.

Accordingly, a new character in Marvel’s Avengers will be made available in October 2020 with Kate Bishop. As part of her assignment of Taking AIM, she will deal with a new villain and have to uncover a secret. Your story will be set shortly after the main game’s “Reassemble” campaign ends, and will represent the first half of the story of the two Hawkeyes.

Finally, in November, Clint Barton will also come into play as Hawkeye to complete the double-finals and lay the foundation for future stories. Both characters will appear for free to all players.

In addition, the developers have revealed the high-level missions in Marvel’s Avengers that players can experience in the endgame. These missions will appear in different ways;

  • Rogue Sectors: These are special missions that offer epic encounters with powerful boss opponents and that players want to return to when their heroes reach the maximum power level of 150.
  • SHIELD chambers: These are treasures of resources, equipment, and secrets that must be discovered and unlocked.
  • AIM’s secret laboratory: If you want to test your courage, you should visit the secret laboratory with three friends. This mission is only available once you have reached the highest power level. Once a week this raid will end in a massive boss fight, which will be influenced by how well the players’ teams acted in the mission.
  • Mega Hives: The full lineup of superheroes is put to the test as they battle their way through a challenge of descending floors filled with enemies. The deeper you go, the higher the difficulty and once all heroes are defeated, players will have to start all over again.

Marvel’s Avengers will release on Friday, September 4th, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.