Grounded Infected Broodmother Boss Guide

Use this to find and beat the Grounded Infected Broodmother boss monster.

Having a hard time tackling Infected Broodmother in Grounded? This boss guide has covered everything from its weakness to strength and tips for beating her. Infected Broodmother is a strong variant of Hedge Broodmother. And she is considered one of the hardest bosses in the game. You will find her in the Haze Spider Cave, where you summon her with Moldy Hoagie. And you have to seal the Haze Canister with Gum Nugget to open the entrance to the cave.

How to Defeat Infected Broodmother Boss in Grounded

Grounded Infected Broodmother Boss Guide

Infected Broodmother is weak towards the Fresh elements and is resistant to Salty & Spicy. Your choice of weapon while facing her should be Widow Dagger, Rusty Spear, or Toenail Scimitar. You can also use the Mint Mace, but it is difficult to use with speed. As for the armor, it is best to use Roly Poly Armor and Ladybug Armor. Roly Poly Armor is highly recommended as it can take heavy damage. But apart from these two, you can also go for Fire Ant Armor. It will help you with explosive attacks.

Grounded Infected Broodmother is a strong enemy, so you should take all the healing and buff items from your stash. She is resistant and immune to Bleed, Poison, Gas Hazards, Venom, and Explosive damage. Use items that can reduce explosive damage, as you will face it badly. Focus on DPS also, her healing is good, and you will find it difficult to defeat her in any phase if played from the sides.

All Phases of Boss Monster

In the first phase, you will see that most of her attacks are similar to Hedge Broodmother, but they are stronger and faster. In this phase, she will use 3 hit combo bites, basic bites, and charged bites. Avoid attacking her with explosives, and you will be able to make her health 0 much faster.

As the second phase starts, you will see that her attacks have gotten stronger. That is because she has gained multiple buffs, including increased healing. Her combo bite attacks will increase, she will use new attacks like scream and jump but will lose some phase one moves. You will need the perfect block here, or it will be harder to beat her.

Now, for the last phase, Grounded Infected Broodmother will be at her best. Health, Points, healing, all will be max. Plus, she will have all her first and second phase attacks. She can spawn Infected Gnats, use spore shot attack, and her 5-hit combo has different variants. And that is when you need everything we suggested most.

Loot and Rare Drops From Infected Broodmother

Spore Lord Mutation Grounded

Once you have defeated her, you will unlock Spore Lord Mutation and get some of these as a drop.

  • Infected Chunk
  • Infected Fang
  • Infected Broodmother Trinket
  • Infected Venom

With this, you can now defeat the Infected Broodmother boss in Grounded and unlock Spore Lord. We have covered many topics from Grounded, so if you found this useful, check our Grounded guides. You can start with the Sticky key and then check how to farm Lint to make Lint Rope.