Grounded: How To Farm Lint To Make Lint Rope

Want to craft strong weapons and armor to explore dangerous biomes? Learn how to make Lint Ropes by Farming Lint in Grounded.

Lint Rope in Grounded is a tier 3 material used in various weapons, armor, and bases, so it is crucial to farm Lint. These tools will be sturdier, stronger, and more lethal to your foes. With advanced gear, you will be able to explore the backyard fearlessly and collect rare materials that you couldn’t before because of the strong insects. Here’s how you can farm lint to make lint rope in Grounded.

How to Farm Lint to Make Lint Rope in Grounded

Location of Lint in Grounded
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Before beginning your journey to the Lint Locations, make sure you have a Tier 3 chopping tool to harvest the Lint Clumps. The only Tier 3 chopping tool available in the game, for now, is the Termite Axe. If you have it, good. If you don’t then read out article on How to Get Tier 3 Tools in Grounded. Once you obtain it then go to one of these two locations.

Lint Location

There are two locations where you will easily find Lint Clumps.

Doormat in Front of the Shed
The Shed is located in the Upper Yard. It is the northernmost point on the map and it’s full of dangerous creatures. We suggest you go in with strong armor and weapons. A Spicy Coaltana for instance. Once you are at the shed, you will have to climb a red dirt bike to reach the doormat. This place is swarming with Black Soldier Ants and Dust Mites. They can cause you trouble if they swarm up on you. They are weak to Fresh elements and Stabbing. You can find Lint Clumps on the mat. Use your Termite Axe to chop these Clumps and you will receive Lint.

The Undershed
The Undershed is the best place to farm Lint but it is also one of the most dangerous places in Grounded. Swarming with lethal insects, you won’t last a second here without strong armor and a weapon. And still, there is no guarantee that you will walk out alive. The entrance to the Undershed is to the east side of the Shed. There you will find a puddle. Swim through the puddle and you will find the entrance to the Undershed Lab. You will find loads of Lint Lumps there but they are guarded by tough foes like the Black Ox Beetle.

Making Lint Ropes

You can make Lint Ropes with Lint and a Spinning Wheel. Every Lint Rope requires two pieces of Lint. You can craft many weapons and gears with Lint Ropes like:

  • Scythe of Blossoms
  • Tick Macuahuitl
  • Widow Dagger
  • Black Ox Crossbow
  • Everchar Torch
  • Ladybird Shield
  • Fire Ant Helmet

We hope you liked this article on how to farm lint and make lint ropes. We also have a guide on Where to Find Moths in Grounded so do check it out soon.