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Grounded: How To Get Tier 3 Tools

Do you want to upgrade your inventory with the Tier 3 tools in Grounded? Read this article to find out how.

Grounded is a fun survival game with a huge ecosystem. You must hunt and gather resources to create tools to help you survive. You start by crafting basic tools like a Pebblet Axe. But as you progress, you will find the need to procure more advanced tools to harvest rare materials. How do you do that? In this article, we will tell you how to get Tier 3 Tools in Grounded.


How to Get Tier 3 Tools in Grounded

Termite Axe in Grounded

Tools in Grounded have a tier system. Higher the tier, the more effective the tool. The highest tier in the game is Tier 3. Tier 3 tools are more durable, and efficient, and can harvest the hardest materials. As of now, there are only two Tier 3 Tools available in the game: The Termite Axe and The Black Ox Hammer.

How to Get the Termite Axe in Grounded

The Termite Axe is a powerful tool. It can chop through almost all natural materials with relative ease. You will need the following materials to craft The Termite Axe:

  • 2x Termite Chompers
  • 2x Crow Feather Piece
  • 4x Tough Gunk

To craft a Termite Axe, you will have to kill some termite soldiers. Termites are powerful foes so you have to be careful while facing them. They are weak against Salty weapons so we suggest you use The Ant Shield and The Salt Morning Star against them. Once you have gathered the resources, go to the workbench and analyze the Termite Chompers. This will unlock the axe recipe. The Termite Axe will help you collect Pupa Hide to craft Pupa Leather. You will need Pupa Leather to craft the next Tier 3 tool: The Black Ox Hammer.

How to Get Black Ox Hammer in Grounded

Black Ox Hammer in Grounded


The Black Ox Hammer is the supreme hammer available to players in this game. It can bust open the toughest materials in the game such as Supreme Marble Shards and Supreme Quartzite Shards. These can be used to upgrade your armor and weapons in Grounded. You will need the following materials to craft the Black Ox Hammer:

  • 1x Black Ox Horn
  • 5x Black Ox Parts
  • 2x Pupa Leather

You can find the Black Ox Beetles on the east side of the canyon. They are strong, but there is a way to kill them effectively. You will have to block their attacks and attack their rear. Here, you will deal the most damage. They too are weak against Salty Weapons. So you can use the same weapons you used against the termite soldiers. Once you have gathered enough resources, head over to the workbench. You can unlock the recipe by analyzing the Black Ox Horn.


This is how you can get both Tier 3 Tools in Grounded. We hope you found this guide helpful. You can learn more about Grounded through our guides on Gamer Tweak.