How To Increase Your Carrying Capacity In Palworld

Don’t want the weight of every item you carry bog down your movement? Then here’s how to increase your carrying capacity in Palworld and avoid being over-encumbered.

During the early phases of establishing your base and carrying different items, you will be able to carry out the majority of the heavy lifting despite your character’s limited weight capacity. However, as you progress further and venture out into the wilderness of the Palpagos island, you will discover an abundance of useful resources. And, because each item, except for any Key Items, carries a specific amount of weight, you may need to increase your carrying capacity accordingly.

With proper weight distribution, players will be able to move freely. Increasing the weight capacity in Palworld is also required for players to avoid slower movements and transport resources more efficiently. So if you want your character to have more carrying capacity, then here is a guide you should check out further.

How to Increase Weight Capacity in Palworld

How To Increase Your Weight Capacity In Palworld
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The initial carrying capacity that players will have at their disposal is about 300 in Palworld. And to increase it, there are only a couple of methods available as of now. One of which includes capturing Cattiva, the normal type pal that you will come across easily on the islands. Since the game is still in its early access, there might be another method added later, however, here are the ones that you will have to make do with now:

Level Up

The very first method and the one that might just be obvious is to level up in Palworld. Leveling up your character will grant you stat points which you can invest in different stats including weight. Each stat point you put in weight will help you increase carrying capacity in Palworld by 50.

You can gain experience from simply capturing pals to crafting various recipes and defeating alpha bosses. These bosses and the syndicate tower ones might be the best way to grind your way through the levels and earn those stat points in the game. That said, the max level cap for Palworld is around level 50 in its early access, so you will have to invest the points accordingly.

Catch Cattiva

The second method, as mentioned before, involves capturing Cattiva in the game. This pink pal will help you carry different supplies increasing your max weight capacity in Palworld with the use of its partner skill called Cat Helper. You will have to first catch the pal with the Pal Spheres. Cattiva is a normal elemental-type pal that is commonly available throughout the areas early on in the game.

Once you have captured Cattiva, simply add it to your team and you will be able to use its partner skill whenever you need to transport any resources or items from one place to another. A single Cattiva increases your maximum carrying capacity by 50 in the game.

That’s everything covered in this guide. And if you want to make your travels across the Palpagos islands much easier, then learn how to mount and ride your pals in the game. If you find it helpful, check out more of our guides in the dedicated Palworld section, right here on Gamer Tweak.