Can You Drop Key Items In Palworld? (Answered)

Looking to get rid of some of the key items or want to share them with your friends? Find out whether or not there is an option do so in Palworld.

In Palworld, players will come across different key items which mostly consist of different gears that grant your Pals certain abilities. And sometimes you might have too many of them in your inventory, at which point you might consider of dropping the item to free up some space or handing it over to your friends while playing multiplayer. While dropping regular items is as easy as dragging the item and dropping it with the help of the options available in the inventory, the key items section doesn’t have the option to do so.

In this guide, we will explain everything about whether or not you can get rid of the key items in Palworld to free up some of your inventory space or simply share it with your coop friends in the game.

Is There a Way to Drop Key Items in Palworld?

Can You Drop Key Items In Palworld?
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Unfortunately, there is no way for players to drop key items in Palworld. This means you won’t be able to share any of the key items in your inventory with your coop friends in the game. That said, these key items generally don’t have any weight making them easy to carry in Palworld.

So for players looking to get rid of the necklace that Daedream holds, you might not be able to dispose of it very easily. However, if you want to hold off Daedream from attacking any wild pals, you can simply command your dark elemental pal to not attack using the Pal Command Interface in the game. Daedream will obey the command and won’t attack unless you want it to.

Since Palworld is still in its early access, one cannot simply remove the possibility of the feature being added in the future. However, considering that there are a lot of levels for players to grind and unlock different crafting recipes throughout the game, it might be deemed unfair to just drop essential items and hand them over to your friends. With that being said, you can always keep track of all the updates on the official Palworld X page (formerly known as Twitter).

In the case of regular items from your inventory, you can simply drag the item you want to get rid of toward the drop option on the left corner. It will free up some of the weight that you carry around the islands while capturing and defeating different pals in the game.

That’s everything covered in this guide. All things aside if you have accidentally stumbled upon Mammorest and ever wondered how to catch it, then you might want to take a look at our guide with some useful tips and tricks. And if that’s helpful, be sure to check out our dedicated Palworld section where we have covered everything about pals from their status ailment to how to catch them.