Evil Dead Game Hunters Tier List (Best Hunter)

Check out our Best Hunters tier list to find out the best Hunter in Evil Dead The Game.

Evil Dead The Game revolves around the groovy and brutal party between different classes of Survivors and Demons. Focussing on the Hunter-based Survivors, they have better ammunition and dodging skills. These survivors also consume less stamina than the rest of the Survivors. While all these Survivors have these perks, there are many differences in their active and passive skills. So, here’s our Best Hunters tier list to pick the best Hunter in Evil Dead the Game.

Best Hunter Tier List in Evil Dead The Game

Mentioned below is the tier list for the Hunters Class to pick the Best Hunter Survivor:

Hunters     Tiers
Kelly Maxwell S
Amanda Fisher A
Ash Williams B
Ed Getley C

While all the Hunter Survivors have increased ammunition and quick attacks up their sleeves, their perks, abilities, and stats may differ. So, let’s start with Ed Getley first.

Ed Getley

 evil dead the game best hunter tier list

This hunter Survivor is the best for spotting demon traps and different items around. If you activate his active skill, It’s a trap, you can temporarily detect and disarm the demon traps. His other ability, Eduring Light can increase the battery light of the flashlight by over 100%. As he specialises in using a crossbow, you can unlock the Weapon master: Crossbow at level 10. With this, the crossbow has a faster attack speed and you can deal with Deadites with increased health. This perk also increases the balance bar and the dismemberment damage. At level 25, you can increase the chances of finding rare crates and for your defeated items to drop better items.

Ash Williams

evil dead the game best hunter tier list

Although the other variants of Ash are overpowered, this one felt slightly less Groovy to me. This hunter-based variant of Ash Williams is straight from the movie, Evil vs Dead 2. As you use his active skill, Exorcist, exorcise the demons from the possessed teammates or the basic units. You can also see the supply crates through the walls at a close range with his Treasure Hunter ability. This ability is one of the best ways to find Pink F bottles in those crates. You can unlock another useful perk named I’m the Guy with a Double-barrel to begin the match with a Double-barrel weapon. At level 25, you can its weapon mastery that grants players faster attack speed, increased health, balance bar, and dismemberment damage.

Amanda Fisher

If you have seen Evil vs Dead 2, you might know this badass female cop. Amanda Fisher is one of the best Hunter-based Survivors because of her active ability. Her ability, Ammo for Days allows you to fire up ranged weapons at Deadites without expending ammunition. One of her other abilities, Trusty Sidearm allows players to begin the match with a Pistol. As you reach level 10, you can unlock its weapon mastery that grants faster attack speed and increased damage to deal Deadites. At level 25, you can unlock the Accuracy Counts perk. It increases the damage of your ranged weapons with every consecutive hit.

Kelly Maxwell

While Amanda is badass, this Hunter-based Survivor has significantly greater abilities and perks. You can use her Slipshot ability to dodge enemies without using stamina. This ability also causes bleeding damage to your targeted enemies. With the Weapon master: Meat hammer perk, you can strike the hammer with a much faster attack speed and deals with increased health. You can also unlock the Countershot ability at level 10. As you dodge successfully, your next ranged weapon attacks inflict bleeding damage upon your enemies temporarily. At level 25, you can unlock her Battle Frenzy perk which increases the melee damage as you sustain the combat.

Best Hunter in Evil Dead the Game

In my opinion, the best Hunter is Kelly Maxwell. Her abilities and perks offer a great boost to ward off the Deadites. You can also pick Amanda for her significant ammunition perks. It is all up to you to choose a suitable Hunter and to create a badass build. If you want to create a suitable Ash build, check out our guide for the best Ash builds.

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