Type Soul: Hueco Mundo Location

Want to get Partial Resurreccion in Type Soul? You will need the location of Hueco Mundo for it.

Finding the location of Hueco Mundo in Type Soul is not easy by any means. This location in Japanese means Hollow Sphere. As per Bleach, it is the place where you can find all types of Hollows. It is also the region where Arrancar resides. So as you might expect, it serves a similar purpose to help your Hollow Progression in this game.

How to Reach Hueco Mundo in Type Soul

how to Get to Hueco Mundo in Type Soul
Image Credit: Johnthetechguy on YouTube

To get to Hueco Mundo you need to use the Tunnel in Karakura town. Check the above image to see the entrance of the Tunnel.

  1. This tunnel is different from the one you use to become Quincy because it has all-white tiles. While the Quincy Tunnel had Blue tiles on the right and white tiles on the left.
  2. Once you enter the tunnel, it should look bugged with the sky in the distance.
  3. Keep running to the opposite side. Make sure you have your blue bar filled, as you use it while running.
  4. Get to the opposite side and use the entrance to reach Hueco Mundo.

What to do in Hueco Mundo?

One of the main reasons you will want to get here is to get Partial Resurreccion. There is an NPC here that will give you the quest for it when you talk to her. She is inside the Hueco Mundo castle on the left side of the throne. This is just one of her known locations she has around 6 or 7 more spawn points aside from this one.

That’s it for this location of Hueco Mundo in Type Soul. Since you like playing this game you might be interested to check out how to do emotes, which is the best race, what blue pill is, and more. As for the other topics not mentioned here be sure to check out our Type Soul section.