How to get Hush Skin Fortnite – Unlock this Rare Outfit

Rare Outfit

Are you looking for a Hush outfit in Fortnite? Hush skin features a cool mask and a black outfit giving the character an look of the pro killer in the game. It is quiet popular skin and is not easily available in Fortnite. But do not worry here is how you can unlock Hush Outfit in Fortnite?

How to get Hush Outfit and Black Stripe Glider skin in Fortnite?

Unlock Hush Outfit Fortnite

After a long time, Hush outfit is back in the Epic Store and you can buy that instantly for 1200 Vbucks. The pack includes two things, skin for Hush and the glider. Part of Silent Stalker set, this skin was first introduced in Chapter 2, Season 1. Along with Hush, there are more new things in the store today. Below is the list of items along with their price.

Here are a list of more items you can buy today at Fortnite Store along with Hush Outfit:

  1. Shaolin Sit-up Emote: 200 V-bucks. (Uncommon)
  2. Bouncer Emote: 500 V-bucks. (Rare)
  3. Focus Outfit: 1200 V-bucks. (Rare)
  4. Make it Plantain Emote: 500 V-bucks. (Rare)
  5. Peely Pick Harvesting Tool: 800 V-bucks. (Rare)
  6. Steelsight Outfit: 1500 V-bucks. (Epic)
  7. SIG Outfit: 1200 V-bucks. (Rare)
  8. Agile Edge Harvesting Tool: 500 V-bucks. (Uncommon)
  9. Red Knight Outfit: 2000 V-bucks. (Legendary)
  10. Crimsom Axe Harvesting Tool: 800 V-bucks. (Rare)
  11. Silent Strike Harvesting Tool: 500 V-bucks. (Uncommon)
  12. Weathered Black: 300 V-bucks. (Uncommon)
  13. Hush Outfit: 12000 V-bucks. (Rare)
  14. Black Stripe Black Bling: 1200 V-bucks. (Rare)

Checkout Epic Store today to unlock Hush outfit along with brand new merchandise. To try out more tips and tricks check our Fortnite Guide section.