Final Fantasy 16: How To Run Faster

Tired of having Clive stroll from one place to another? Here is how you can make him run faster in FFXVI.

Are you looking to make Clive Run in FF16? Don’t worry you aren’t alone. While there are no complaints about how beautiful the game looks. The thing that can bother many players is how slow our main character moves at times. But luckily you can start sprinting to get to places faster. And here is how you can do that.

How to Run in FF16

how to Run Fast and Sprint in Final Fantasy 16

To run fast you have to move your left joystick forward completely and hold for a few seconds. Unlike many other games which have a dedicated button to make your character sprint. Or even a Stamina meter which decides how long the character can run without tiring. Final Fantasy 16 didn’t go for such mechanics. Your joystick is enough to decide at what pace your character moves.

The basic controls work by tilting the joystick forward a bit to make Clive walk. Tilt it ahead fully to make him run. But there is a catch here, Clive doesn’t run everywhere. He can only sprint in open areas. That means if you are in a town or are in a similar setting in an open area, then Clive won’t run.

How to Get to Places Faster

FF16 other ways to Travel Faster

The next best ways to get to places are by either fast traveling or by using a Chocobo. Here is how both these methods work:

  • Fast Travel: You unlock fast travel after playing the game for around an hour or two. While initially you only use it to get to the different regions. After some progressions, you also unlock Obelisks to fast travel both locally and between different regions.
  • Ride Chocobo: The best way to move faster and get to different places is to ride a Chocobo. But this isn’t available from the start. To unlock your Chocobo you have to complete the side quest The White-Winged Wonder.

And that’s every way in the game through which you can move faster. While you are here you might also want to check out our guides on how to change gear, get ability points, and parry attacks. And for other topics not mentioned here check out our FF16 section.